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Too Exhausted From Your Working Hours? Here’s How Physiotherapy Can Help

While physical pain can affect anyone, there is a certain type of ailment that affects working professionals with 9 to 5 jobs. Being forced to sit in the same spot day in day out takes a toll on our muscles. The so-called comfort of air-conditioned rooms and cushy chairs are actually doing far more harm than we realize. As young professionals, most of us don’t yet realize the extent of this damage, but slowly the wear and tear is accumulating and we are finding ourselves more and more exhausted.

Physiotherapy, however, can help you reduce the pain. It can lessen aches you put your body through every day and assist you in leading a fuller painless life. Physiotherapy Toronto tells you how.

Treat Knee Pain
Sitting at your work desk without any movement for hours at a stretch can severely damage the joint in your knee. Being forced to be bent at an angle for a long duration causes frequent knee pains other related problems. A physiotherapist can analyze your body to determine the exact condition of your joints and prescribe exercises that will alleviate pain. Leg stretches, squats, leg crosses, sit stands all help to gradually strengthen the muscles in your limb that had been damaged as a result of your activities.

Treat Muscle Cramps and Sprains
Most of us have, at one point or another, felt our muscles cramp up such that even moving the littlest portion caused debilitating pain. Sometimes, overexertion can lead to an involuntary contraction of your musclesif your body has lesser than required amount of minerals present causingthem to cramp up painfully. Similarly, sprains can occur if there is damage or tear in your joints or ligaments. A physiotherapist can suggest exercises along with massages and relief sprays that will help heal your body.

Maintain Your Posture
Staring at a screen or working in a computer for long durations can strain your back muscles severely. However, maintaining a correct alignment of your body can help reduce your pain issues by almost 90%. Consulting a physiotherapist would aid you in figuring out the required posture for your body, as well as, learning exercises like chest expansion, chest stretches etc. that will strengthen your shoulder muscles and glutes, stretch your neck area and build your thing muscles such that you can better maintain the position.

Apply Breathing Techniques
Often, our exhaustion stems from a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation can have many reasons, from trivial (like watching movies) to illness related (like attacks of asthma or sleep apnea). Physiotherapists can teach breathing control exercises that can relive sleep apnea, asthma and a variety of other problems. It can also treat chronic diseases like COPD.

Improve Range of Motion
A side effect of suffering from pain is limited motion in our lives. When we are in pain, we do anything to keep from aggravating it. This leads to a diminished lifestyle where we are afraid of doing the things we love. Physiotherapists can suggest exercises that will help you move without affecting your area of injury.

Despite what you may believe, there is nothing more important than your health. The key to living a full and healthy life is balance and pain and illness can disrupt this balance. By helping your body stay fit and active, you can stop any weakness from affecting your lifestyle before it can even touch you. And thus, you live the best version of your life.

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