What Exactly Are You? (Video Inside)

Human beings are really amazing creatures but what exactly makes them? The question is really riveting but at the same time intricate as well. The fundamental unit of us is cells. We are comprised of over trillions of cells. Sounds too many to think right? It is more than ten times of the stars present in our galaxy. That’s pretty impracticable to think about for a five-six feet human body. However, unlike stars cells are too small to be seen with naked eyes.


A cell comprises of over fifty thousand different proteins and many cell organelles, thus making it a complete individual or living thing. It can exist freely without us for a short span of time but unfortunately we can’t do the same.


Cells comprise to form tissues which associate to form organs. These organs are responsible for all the functioning and metabolism inside our body. These processes are carried out by the different organ system present inside us.


Donating our important organs to other person have become common nowadays so as to save their life. In order to do so our cells present in those organs start living in other body but it requires perfect compatibility. Same compatibility that you’ll get with Real Estate CRM Software when dealing with your property transactions.


Millions of cells die daily replaced by new cells simultaneously. Even in one second one-three millions cells die. In a study, it has been estimated that in a period of seven years, most of the cells of a adult human body is replaced by new cells. These changes in body slightly changes ourselves too. In a lifespan of human, he cycles through a million billion cells.


Cancer is one of the most deadliest disease. Cancer doesn’t need an invader to attack our body. It is our cells who, sometimes unwilling to die, remain active inside our body for lifetime. A cancer cell is easy to be experimented and researched on as it doesn’t die in a few days like common cells.


Our cells depict ourselves through the information contained in DNA. It was known that all the cells in a particular human body has the same genetic information. However, this is not true. Mutations and environmental resources constantly bring changes in genome. Hence, everything in our body undergo certain changes in composition and condition constantly.


This video will give you a better understanding of what this article is actually about so just give it a watch:

Note: Images used in this article are taken from this video of Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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